At Found Surface we make high quality apparel that lasts.

Our clothing is eco-conscious:
As we grow, we hope to bring clarity to apparel manufacturing and shift to an entirely circular ecosystem that keeps clothing out of landfills.
Our ultimate vision is to set a new standard in fashion that prioritizes sustainable production practices, regional manufacturing, natural materials, and quality over quantity. This means that it is made using production methods that have been carefully chosen to reduce the environmental impact of our clothing, and we are always working to do better.

True to the intersection of luxury and responsibility. FOUND SURFACE imagines a world without a choice between aesthetic and utility. Our garments are crafted to be worn by anyone, anywhere. We believe quality requires no harm or sacrifice.


Our commitment to sourcing all our goods from US-based suppliers not only synergizes with our other core values but also brings several key advantages:

Lower Environmental Impact: By reducing transportation emissions, we minimize our carbon footprint.

Quality Control: Our close proximity to suppliers allows us to maintain strict quality control, resulting in higher quality products and fewer defects.

Ethical Working Environments: We ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for all employees in our supply chain. Shorter Lead Times: Eliminating overseas shipping means quicker turnaround times from concept to final product.


All workers are paid a fair hourly wage.

Clean, air-conditioned facilities in Cleveland and Los Angeles provide staff members with a comfortable and safe work environment.

Routine check-ins and tours of production facilities to ensure adherence to standards.


We demand that all our products be organic, enhancing both environmental responsibility and product quality. Our cotton goods rely on yarn and thread backed by a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which requires pesticide-free, eco-friendly farming practices.

This commitment ensures our products are safe, circular, and free from harmful chemicals.

Our products already excel in terms of environmental impact and supply chain transparency; Nevertheless, we continue to identify environmental hotspots and implement strategies for greater transparency, waste reduction, and environmental stewardship.
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